Auger Unit - NK4S7 Auger Unit

Our Australian built NK4S7 Auger Driver Unit features a 75mm square output shaft and is ideal for machine operations between 8-14 tonne. The augers are driven by a high torque 7:1 planetary reduction gearbox driven by a high flow hydraulic motor.

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Product description

The NK4S7 Auger Driver Unit delivers a maximum output shaft speed of 74 rpm, with a maximum allowable output of 12,000 Nm of borer torque. Due to the compact design of the borer, it will go down a 300mm post-hole, increasing the digging depth by 700mm. The NK4S7 Auger Driver Unit can be used as a powerful post-hole borer, or secondly, to drive screw-piles for foundations requiring up to 12,000 Nm installation torque. We recommend HA-3 augers for 8-12 tonne machines and HA-4 Augers for 12+ tonne machines. The Auger Driver Unit is supplied with a frame to suit the carrier machine, with a carry cradle and has swing reduction friction washers fitted as standard.

Host Machine
Mini loader 12t +
Max Flow (lpm) 75Ð150
Pressure (bar) 260 (3770psi)
Max Torque (Nm) 12000
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