Auger Unit - BU2 Auger Unit

Our Australian built BU2 Auger Driver Unit is ideal for skid steer or excavator operations up to 5ton. The augers are driven via a planetary reduction gearbox to multiply the output torque of the hydraulic drive motor.

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Product description

The BU2 Auger Driver Unit delivers a maximum output shaft speed of 91 rpm, with a maximum allowable output of 3300 Nm of borer torque. Due to the compact design of the borer, it will go down a 300mm post-hole, giving a maximum digging depth of 2.1m (7 ft) without using an extension – if more depth is required extensions are available. Augers range from 100mm-750mm (4″-30″) in diameter with a standard digging length of 1500mm (5 ft). Augers feature a 65mm round output shaft and have a maximum pull-out and push-down force of 6 ton. The Auger Driver Unit is supplied with a frame to suit the carrier machine, with the option of a side shift on some frame types and has swing reduction friction washers fitted as standard.

Host Machine
Mini loader up to 5t
Max Flow (lpm) 40Ð75
Pressure (bar) 207 (3000psi)
Max Torque (Nm) 3300
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