Scrapers and Undercutters - SC3000 Debris Scraper

Our Pivoted Debris Scraper are used to clean debris out from areas where a loader is unable to reach. Scraper is fitted with a pivot ram for changing the position of the boom from straight out in from, to right angle to the machine. We make sure to manufacture these excavator attachments with fine craftsmanship and precision to the highest quality.

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Product description

The Pivoted Debris Scraper is chain is fitted with thirty-three (33), 350mm (14″) paddle blades with closed in sides for dragging the material towards the loader. The scaper has a maximum reach of 2,800mm from the tip of the chain to the frame base plate and the main frame can be side shifted to one side to increase the reach of the Scraper. A robust hydraulic motor directly drives the chain via a drive shaft reducing wear parts while achieving high start-up torque.

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