Road Profilers and Stabilisers - AC Profiler/Stabiliser

Our state-of-the-art AC Profiler/Stabiliser is built with a John Deere/Cummins engine with 203hp and recommended for use with both wheeled or tracked high-flow skid steers for repairing road failures and/or stabilisation.

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Product description

The AC Profiler/Stabiliser has a working depth of up to 250mm and can run at 14/metres/minute at full depth, depending on road condition. The drum housing is fully enclosed so that milled debris is contained at all depths. The AC Profiler/Stabiliser has easy access to picks for cleaning, is available in widths from 450mm to 1000mm and has optional stabiliser drum and water tank attachments.

Host Machine Size High-Flow Skid Steer
(Wheeled or Tracked)
Primary Task Repairing Road Failures
and/or Road Stabilising
Cutting Sizes Available
(Width x Depth) and
Hydraulic Power
Requirements for
Hotmix Milling
450x150mm, 30Ð40kw
450x200mm, 34Ð75kw
600x200mm, 48Ð75kw
750x250mm, 55Ð75kw
1000x250mm, 63Ð75kw
Side Shift Hydraulic, Centre to Left
Depth Control Hydraulic Ð infinitely variable
Drive Mechanism Hydraulic motor via a planetary
reduction gearbox fitted with
a duo-cone seal
Number of
Cutting Picks
450x150mm Ñ 48 Picks
450x200mm Ñ 56 Picks
600x200mm Ñ 70 Picks
750x250mm Ñ 96 Picks
1000x250mm Ñ 120 Picks
Hydraulic Flow
450x150mm Ñ 90Ð130lpm
450x200mm+ Ñ 100Ð170lpm
Hydraulic Pressure
450x150mm Ñ 170Ð220bar
450x200mm+ Ñ 206Ð345bar
Tilt Hydraulic
Tilt Angle
(left or right)
450mm Ñ 15¼
600mm+ Ñ 10¼
Water Tank
Option Available?
Comments For single system loaders
extra valving is required
on attachment which will incur
an additional charge.
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