Road Profilers and Stabilisers - 92TS Tractor Stabiliser

Our state-of-the-art 92TS Tractor Stabiliser is designed for repairing road failures and road stabilisation suitable for 15hpÐ140hp tractors. With various cutting sizes available this versatile equipment will get your job done.

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Product description

The 92TS Tractor Stabiliser suits minimum 84kw (115hp) tractor with creeper gear. It is capable of travelling between jobs at 40km/h and features built-in, closed loop hydraulic circuit, including oil cooler and comprehensive filtration, with pumps driven off tractor PTO. The stabiliser also has hydraulically operated height adjustment, and hydraulically operated rear covers to ensure cutting area covered at all cutting depths. The stabiliser features a 120L Hydraulic oil tank.

Host Machine Size 115hpÐ140hp Tractor
(Requires ground speed
of 140m/hr or less).
Primary Task Repairing Road Failures
and Road Stabilizing
Cutting Sizes Available
(Width x Depth) and
Hydraulic Power
(as per tractorÕs power)
Side Shift N/A
Depth Control Hydraulic Ñ
infinitely variable
Drive Mechanism 2x Hydraulic motors
via a planetary reduction
gearboxes fitted with
a duo-cone seal
Number of
Cutting Picks
1800x300mm Ñ 160 Picks
2000x300mm Ñ 176 Picks
Hydraulic Flow
Determined by TractorÕs Power
Hydraulic Pressure
Determined by TractorÕs Power
Tilt N/A
Tilt Angle N/A
Water Tank
Option Available?
Comments Tractor must have a minimum
of three separate remotes