Flail Mower - Skid Steer Flail Mower

Hydraulic forestry flail/mulcher for skid steer loaders to mulch any vegetable residue, branches and standing plants. Ideal for clearing derelict areas e.g. under power lines, creation of fire breaks etc.Our Flail Mowers are the ideal solution when it comes to cleaning up scrub and lantana on banks and along the side of the road and are designed to suit high-flow skid steer loaders & excavators.

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Product description

The ÒFLÓ Series Flail Mowers are manufactured in five sizes to suit your particular machine: 1,000mm, 1,500mm, 1,700mm, 1,800mm, 2,100mm & 2400mm cutting widths. The Flail Mower has adjustable skids on the sides of the attachment allow the operator to change the cutting height as conditions demand. Our product has chain guards on the front and rear effectively contain flying debris. A Bent axis piston motor drives the flail shaft via three (3) wedge belts and an in-line high pressure filter that protects the motor from contaminants.

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