Slashers - Circular Excavator Slasher

Our Circular Excavator Slasher features a single cutting head with 1200mm(4ft) cutting diameter. Featuring an excavator hitch bolted directly to the re-inforced slasher deck our slasher our slasher is designed for ease of use and longevity in even the harshest of working environments.

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Product description

The Circular Excavator Slasher is able to cut through small saplings and lantana up to 40mm thick* with 12mm thick cutting blades. A hydraulic motor drives through right-angle drive (40 horsepower) gearbox Ð no belts which can jam with debris. A cross-port relief valve acts as a clutch should the cutter bars stop suddenly, protecting the hydraulic motor. The slasher has a 5mm thick re-inforced deck with 3 feet for resting on ground and its chains are fitted to the edge of the deck to contain flying debris.

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