Rotary Hoe - 78RH Rotary Hoe

Our 78RH-12S rotary hoe is Australian built and designed to have increased durability. With a cutting depth set in 50mm increments via the skid adjustment plates located on either side of the hoe and a levelling bar fitted to the front to help level soil, the rotary hoe will simplify your workload.


Available in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1500mm high-flow.

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Product description

The 78RH rotary hoe has a required flow of 40Ð100lpm. The rotary hoe features a dual in-line hydraulic motor drive to minimise wear parts and durable 1/2″ blades. The rotary hoe has three adjustable cutting depths, 50mm, 100mm and 150mm and a fitted levelling bar at front of the hoe. Optional centre pick-up or left offset available – determined at the point of manufacture.

Unit Width 1500
Cut Width 1250
Max Cut Depth 150
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