Hydrapower offers a range of the most versatile premium stump grinder attachments for sale in Australia.


Our stump grinder attachments give you the edge and fit a variety of machinery, including skid steer loaders, excavators and mini loaders.

At Hydrapower Attachments Pty Ltd,  our grinder attachments are the ultimate piece of equipment for tackling stubborn tree stumps with ease. No matter the equipment you have, our versatile attachments will fit seamlessly, saving you valuable time and effort. When you buy our stump grinder you can be assured of the highest quality stump grinder for sale in Australia. 

We provide you with everything you need to get started right away. Each attachment comes complete with a quick hitch frame, ensuring a secure and stable connection. Additionally, we provide all the necessary hoses and couplings, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues or searching for extra parts.

Why Hydrapower for Australian-made stump grinder attachments

Get only the highest quality with Hydrapower Attachments Pty Ltd. Our stump grinder attachments are designed for even the toughest stumps, providing you with a seamless and efficient stump removal experience. Our stump grinder attachments are built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty stump grinding in Australia. With powerful cutting capabilities and sharp teeth, they effortlessly grind stumps down to the ground, leaving behind fine mulch that can be easily disposed of or repurposed. ​​When you buy our stump grinder you experience efficiency, precision and ease. That’s why we believe when you invest in Hydrapower you are investing in the best stump grinder for sale in Australia.

Our range of Australian-made stump grinder attachments

Looking for the right stump grinder for sale in Australia that can handle your needs? Check out our range and effortlessly transform your outdoor landscape with ease.

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