35 years
With over 30 years experience, you can rely on Hydrapower!

Machinery attachments from the specialists 

Hydrapower is the expert in the manufacture and supply of some of the most innovative machinery attachments that are available on the market today. From backhoes to hedge trimmers, we offer a diverse range of equipment that is designed to fit easily onto mini skid steers, excavators and tractors.

We are confident that whatever project or ongoing excavation/construction works you are involved in, we have something in our range of machinery attachments that will save you both time and money.

Brush Rake


Length From 1600 mm

No moving parts and long tines, for reduced wear

Universal back plate



Suit forklift host machine (optional gutter brush)

Width 1250mm

Diameter Brush 660mm

Optional side broom(s) / gutter brushes

Hedge Trimmer for Excavator


Sickle length 5 ft (1500mm)

Hydraulic flow requirements 10-20 gpm (38-76 lpm)

Weight of unit 125 lbs (57 kg)

3 Point Power Adaptor

Can be fitted with 80, 125, 160
or 200 cc motor

Hitch Plate


Rated weight of implemented to be attached 3000 lbs (1360 Kg)

Weight of plate 128 lbs (58 Kg)

Universal back plate

We have the machinery attachments that you need, 
so call us now on  07 3490 5100 .

We have the machinery attachments that you need, so call us now on  07 3490 5100 .

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