Machinery Attachments From the Specialists

Hydrapower is the expert in the manufacture and supply of some of the most innovative machinery attachments that are available on the market today. From backhoes to hedge trimmers, we offer a diverse range of equipment that is designed to fit easily onto mini skid steers, excavators and tractors.

We are confident that whatever project or ongoing excavation/construction works you are involved in, we have something in our range of machinery attachments that will save you both time and money.

Excavation Rippers

Hydrapower Excavation Attachments Ripper

7801 Excavation Ripper fits easily to the front of the loader and has the strength to quickly break up hard ground.

The loader is reversed whilst the points are lowered into the ground. Maximum ripping depth is 300mm (12”) and the maximum ripping width is 1800mm (72”).

The shanks used are genuine ripper shanks with removable points. There are a total of five tyne positions available with three tynes fitted as standard on 7801

Tynes Supplied3
Tynes Supplied5
Tynes Supplied7


Hydrapower Forksweep
  • Suits forklift host machine (optional gutter brush)
  • Width 1250mm
  • Brush diameter 660mm
  • Optional side broom(s)/gutter brushes

3 Point Power Adaptor

Hydrapower three point power adaptor
  • Can be fitted with 80, 125, 160 or 200cc motor

Hitch Plate

Hydrapower hitch plate
  • Rated weight of implemented to be attached: 3000lbs (1360kg)
  • Weight of plate: 128lbs (58kg)
  • Universal back plate
We have the machinery attachments that you need