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Choose the Explorer 800 for serious drilling 

The Explorer 800 is the bigger brother of our Explorer range and comes complete with all of the drilling capacity that you are likely to need in the harshest of environments. The 6 cylinder Cummings diesel unit with after cooler delivers an impressive 176 horse power at 2500 rpm. With a main winch line pull of 8000kg, you will have all of the drilling power that you are likely to need.
Recommended Base
8 x 8 or 8 x 4 Truck with 24 t GVM bogie
drive with diff-lock and cross lock
Rig Engine 6 cylinder Cummins CPAK-6BTA turbo
after cooled with 176 hp at 2500 rpm
Rig Hydraulics Sauer Danfoss proportionally controlled control valves
Sauer closed loop pump on Rotary Drive Sauer open
loop pump on auxiliary functions
Rotary Drive Hydrapower Gearbox - Steel Casing with floating
hollow spindle and hydraulic head lock and swing,
Two Speed, 0 - 225 rpm & 0 - 966 rpm
Low speed torque to 4150 Nm,
high speed torque to 966 Nm
Head Travel 6.8 m
Main Winch Maximum pull is 8000 kg
Maximum line speed is 60m/min
Wireline Winch (1) One of in standard configuration
Maximum pull is 780 kg
Maximum line speed is 83 m/min
Pulldown Electrically controlled with dial for speed control
Pull down capacity is 7000 kg
Pull out capacity is 11 500 kg
Mast Fitted with 2.0 m mast dump for angle drilling
Standard length is 10 m, supplied with hydraulically
operated breakout spanner and top pulley swivel
Supplied with hydraulic circuit with quick-connect
couplings for optional breakout table
Brakeout Table Optional split type table
Rod/Auger Guard Optional, can be fitted with hydraulic
lockout on head rotation
Tool Cabinet Optional
Rig Body Supplied with operator's platform and offsider's platform,
(4) four stabilizer legs with burst valve protection and fuel tank.
Rig body and mast painted in Hydrapower Red and Black
Toolkit Flags for rear of mast, mast lock plates, parts
and maintenance manual for rig and engine and
hydraulic pump test point pressure gauges
Rig Models Explorer 500

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