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FB Series (Forwards/Backwards) sweep bucket brooms

Hydrapower's 73FB1600, 73FB1700, 73FB1800 and 73FB2000 "FB" series forwards/backwards sweep bucket brooms couple to your existing quick hitch on your loader and uses the auxiliary hydraulics to drive the broom. Four sweeping widths are available; 1600mn (73FB1600), 1700mm (73FB1700), 1800rnm (73FB1800) and 2000mm (73FB2000) and all buckets are fitted with solid steel wheels with non-greasable agricultural bearings, to prevent the cutting edge digging into the sweep-up area. 

The "FB" series of bucket brooms are recommended for general clean-up work and offers the operator the flexibility of either operating the broom in the forwards or reverse direction. Brush contact is controlled by turning the adjustment bolts located on each side of the bucket which lower the main brush (not the lid) so the rubber skirting is not worn away as the brush is lowered down. 

The overall design concept of the "FB" broom has been to keep as much weight as possible close to the loader to give machine stability while dumping the bucket contents at varying heights. A rubber skit on the lid directs swept material into the brush, preventing windrowing while sweeping forwards. 

The snub nose lid has been designed to allow the operator to get as close as possible to kerbing or walls. The bucket is fabricated with wear strips, which help to prevent premature wear. The hinges on the lid are 300mm long each, to give adequate strength and support while dumping the bucket contents. 

A 50/50 mixture of 500mm (20") outside diameter poly and wire brush segments are supplied as standard although this ratio can be altered to suit your application. If desired a solid brush can be fitted to your bucket broom. 

The optional side broom (74SB-03) can be supplied with the bucket broom or at a later date, as the holes for the side broom are pre-drilled on all bucket brooms (no additional hydraulic plumbing on your loader is required). The side broom can be hydraulically disconnected from the main brnsh and hinged up and locked out of the way when only the main brush is being used. The main brush is driven directly off the hydraulic motor thereby eliminating chain and sprockets wear parts. 

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